Cartiera di Nebbiuno, production and trade of crepe paper
Cartiera di Nebbiuno srl: Via Privata Cartiera - 28010 Nebbiuno (NO) | Tel. +39 0322 58103 - Fax +39 0322.589784
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Overall export

70% of our turnover is generated by our exports.

Logistics management system oriented to the optimal resolution of the problems of transporting goods for quick delivery to the customer in accordance with the timing requirements, but above all our passion, make paper mill Nebbiuno Srl a modern landmark of the industry in Europe and in the World.
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Addresses and Contacts
C A R T I E R A  DI   N E B B I U N O  SRL
Via Privata Cartiera
28010 Nebbiuno (NO)

Tel. +39 0322.58103
Fax +39 0322.589784

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