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Experience and Technology

The production is a primary crepe, done directly on the machine. The trim is of 160-175 cm, according to the kind of production. Through so many years of accumulated experience, we have been able to obtain various products, with elongations reaching 180%, weighing 35 to 350 gr. The production machines have been made in such a way so as not to stretch crepe papers. The water used for production, taken directly from our own springs, has hardly any salt, which allows the manufacture of paper used for electrical purposes without any kind of technical treatment. Paper is manufactured in different thickness using special presses. The production technologies allow:

the coil cut in bands from 18 mm, with diameters up to 95 cm and internal diameters of 20 - 30 - 60 - 70 - 76 - 155 - 200 mm, or any desired;
the coil cut in sheets up to 200 cm and in strips;
the sheet drilling.
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C A R T I E R A  DI   N E B B I U N O  SRL
Via Privata Cartiera
28010 Nebbiuno (NO)

Tel. +39 0322.58103
Fax +39 0322.589784

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