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Available with 90 and 130 gsm, these grades are used during sewing process of open mouth bag sand sacks containing premixes and dry food in general, for breeding of calves, sheeps, horses and pigs; milk powders, chemical powders, flours, potatoes… Thanks to its elasticity, use crepe paper grants an optimal closure of holes created by needles during sewing process, therefore avoiding penetration of external agents such as moisture, water, powder…. Available in white, brown and in different colors. Printing of logo available on demand.
White crepe paper grades for coffee capsules. A perfect combination of lightness and resistance is making these crepe paper grades the ideal product to obtain the best result, enhancing both aroma and looking of your coffee made with capsules. Trust in our products as shown by biggest coffee capsules manufacturers is for us the best way to let you know about the quality of our products.
Filter crepe paper grades used with horizontal filterpresses. Used as sheets during the filtration process of olive oil, sunflower oil, seeds oil, as well as during filtration of any other liquid product in food industry. During process, filter crepe paper is placed as a protection of filtering fabrics so to lengthen the time at which fabrics need to be washed and cleaned. Consequently, this is reducing maintenance stops and therefore a generating a cost reduction


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